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A Year On…

We are on our way again! We are due out in 2020 with a follow-up to our initial trip last year. For those who did not read about it – or as a reminder for those that have – last year’s blog is on the ‘Nepal 2018’ page. You can find the link in the green bar at the top of this page.

This year we were additionally asked if we could train some more welfare assistants for the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Only this time they are women.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust is a charity that takes care of retired Gurkhas and their families who often live in outlying parts of Nepal where there are no services to speak of. In the past Donkeys were used, but in more recent times the use of motorcycles has increased. They use the same Donkey paths and river / stream beds for which there is no training available in Nepal. In fact there is no real formal motorcycle training in Nepal at all. The most highly trained riders are the people we trained last year who are busy carrying out their own care missions. Monsoon season is on its way and when that happens the motorcycles get put away. Not because the riders don’t like getting wet, but all that water has to go somewhere, and stream beds get buried very quickly under a lot of fast moving water.

Neither Pete Doherty nor I really recall seeing many women riders, or even many women welfare assistants within the places we stayed, though we were focused on the task in hand so weren’t particularly looking out for them. But they do exist.

This trip has two aims; to help a group of women riders gain extra general motorcycling confidence and off road skills and a group of young gents who need a bit of all-round improvement in motorcycling. They will not be training others so that side needn’t be covered this year. That means the two groups should be done in 11 days. 6 days for the women and 5 days for the men. The extra day for the ladies is to be a ‘long run’ off road by way of consolidation. This will not be necessary for the men.

The focus on this trip is the women. If they need an extra day then they get it, at the expense of the male group. The two groups are to be trained separately, perhaps a little more on this later.

For now though, it’s last-minute prep before setting off to Heathrow. Pete is going to start packing soon…

So please bookmark / follow this site and I will try and update it as we go. All comments welcome!

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